Spotlight Series: A Healthy Mouth Can Save Your Life

Thursday November 11

4:30 PM  –  5:30 PM

Join the Section on Public Health and Preventative Medicine at the College of Physicians of Philadelphia for an informative talk on the connection between Covid 19 and oral health and ways to keep a healthy mouth.
Tune in via Zoom to participate in this Pop Up Spotlight Program.
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About the Topic:
Gum disease and tooth decay remain common problems throughout the world for both children and adults. More commonly seen in children, tooth decay is the most chronic disease of children worldwide. 

Both of these diseases are infections caused by microbes.  Harmful microbes include fungi and viruses…like the ones that cause COVID 19.  An unhealthy mouth invites harmful microbes that overwhelm our body’s defenses. Inflammation caused by harmful microbes increases our likelihood for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, certain cancers,  Alzheimer’s Disease, and death.  There’s no “free pass” for health care providers…tooth decay and gum disease hit them too!

Want to find out how to get and keep a healthy mouth and an attractive smile and reduce your risk for chronic diseases?  Dental Disease is nearly 100% preventable! Tune in to the College of Physicians Zoom on November 11, 2021 at 4:30 PM.  Let the science inform you.

About the Pop-up Spotlight Series:

The Pop-up Spotlight Series is a new initiative of the Section. It was designed to be nimble and responsive to timely public health issues and concerns in the region. The format includes a smaller audience and fewer speakers than the Public Health Grand Rounds program—in order to not just raise awareness, but more importantly spark discourse and potential action. 


About the Section on Public Health and Preventative Medicine:

The Section on Public Health & Preventive Medicine creates a forum for deliberating important issues in public health and disease prevention and provides information for improving health policies. 


The Section brings together people from across the Philadelphia region and from diverse perspectives who care about improving health in the region. The Section is chaired by Priya E. Mammen, MD, MPH, FCPP. Visit the Section on Public Health and Preventative Medicine website to learn more, become a section member, or past events.

PLEASE NOTE: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia reserves the right to record the virtual experience for marketing or promotional use.