Marie Curie College Centennial

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Sunday May 23

1:00 PM  –  2:30 PM


Join us for a virtual presentation in honor of the 100 year anniversary of the appearance of twice-Nobel prize winner Marie Curie who attended a special meeting of The College of Physicians of Philadelphia on May 23, 1921. At that time Mme. Curie formally presented a piezo-electric measurement device that she and her husband Pierre used circa 1900 in their studies of radio-activity and radium.


This virtual event will be presented on Zoom Webinar followed by a live Q&A with a panel of experts and audience participation. Those who register for the event will also receive follow-up post-presentation links and materials related to radium and Mme. Curie.



Welcome and a New Marie Curie Exhibit by Jacqui Bowman, PhD [live/recorded]

Introductions and Brief History of Radium in Pennsylvania by David J. Allard, CHP [10 minutes] 

Marie Curie’s Piezo-electric Device by Robert Hicks, PhD [2 minutes recorded]

An Interview with Marie Curie by Robert Hicks and Susan Marie Frontczak [6 minutes/recorded]

Marie Curie Visits America in 1921 by Joel O. Lubenau, Emeritus CHP [15 minutes/recorded]

Radium and Marie Curie’s Connection to NBS by Bert M. Coursey, PhD [10 minutes/recorded]

Radiation Evangelists by Jeffrey C. Womack, PhD [10 minutes]  





Jacqui Bowman Director, Center for Education, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia Acting Co-Director, Mütter Museum Co-Director, Living Exhibits, The College of Physicians of Philadelphia





David J. Allard, CHP

Bert M. Coursey, PhD

Paul Frame, PhD

Susan Marie Frontczak

Edward R. Landa, PhD

Joel O. Lubenau, Emeritus CHP

Jeffrey C. Womack, PhD 

*The above panelists have researched Marie Curie, her pioneering research as a luminary and trail-blazing woman scientist, the history of radium, its production from uranium ore, and respective medical and other uses. Our presenters and panelists also have a wide range of knowledge regarding the evolutionary use of radiation in medicine and industry, radiation protection, and how considerable benefit to mankind can be traced to Mme. Curie and her contemporaries of the day.  

Director of Bureau of Radiation Protection, PA DEP 


PLEASE NOTE: The College of Physicians of Philadelphia reserves the right to record the virtual experience for marketing or promotional use.